Yalta: A story of disappearance (2013)

The starting point for this project was my discovery of two different versions of an archival photograph documenting the famous Yalta conference - the wartime meeting between President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and General Secretary Stalin, which took place in Crimea in February 1945. The two images were identical except for one detail: they showed two different men occupying the same spot at the back of the group, behind Churchill and Roosevelt.

My exploration of the mystery of a disappearing man resulted in a series of drawings Yalta Conference and a short film Yalta: A Story of Disappearance.

The film is made entirely of archivla footage from the conference. It shows behind-the-scenes of the meeting through the eyes of a fictitious character, a member of the American delegation Lt. Peter Rigdon. As the story develops, the viewers will learn about Rigdon’s possible involvement in espionage and his mysterious disappearance soon after the conference. The film attempts to resolve the mystery by examining the archival footage – and fails to do so.

Yalta: A story of disappearance, digitized archival footage, 09:47 min., 2013