Time, forward! (2011-2012)

My grandfather, Ivan Stratonovich Istomin (1924-2001), for many years had worked as a local Communist Party official in a small Siberian town. Today even his immediate family knows very little about grandfather’s work in the Party, his beliefs, or his thoughts about political changes in the country. Russia was first called “the land of silence” by Alexander Herzen in the mid-19th century, but this definition may still be appropriate today: till the end of his life grandfather avoided discussing his work, and the family refrained from asking questions. “Time, forward!” is a video-reconstruction of grandfather's biography, pieced together from the contradictory and uncertain recollections of my relatives. The project reflects on the nature of historical knowledge and the deep contradictions between the collective view of national history and people’s personal experiences.

Time, forward!, HD video, in Russian with English voice-over translation, 13:19 min., 2011-12