Sestina (2015)

“Sestina” is a video/performance piece created in collaboration with poet Miriam Atkin. The starting point for the work was a poem written by Atkin, loosely based on "sestina" – a Medieval poetic form, in which words at the end of each line are rotated in a prescribed pattern. Interested in the tensions between strict poetic form and free improvisation, Atkin and I recorded a long dual performance session, which included multiple recitals of Atkin’s poem, and unscripted conversations about the practice of writing, its resemblance to walking, and the exploratory potential of performance poetry. The heavily edited version of Atkin’s part of the performance has become the sound track of my video, in which six video clips recorded at different locations in New York are rotated in a pattern prescribed by sestina. The resulting juxtaposition of voice and video recordings creates momentary poetic associations between the real life scenes and objects, and the mental imagery suggested by Atkin’s narration.

Sestina, still images, 2015

Sestina, HD video, 13:25 min., 2015