Life and dreams in the Burgh (2016)

This experimental film weaves together factual and fictional stories recorded in Pittsburgh, PA. During my artist residency at City of Asylum in the fall of 2015, I recorded lengthy interviews with thirteen local men and women from different social classes and backgrounds: a housewife, a poet, a homeless person, a medical student, a dishwasher, a foster mother of six, and others. Fragments of their stories are combined and overlayed with diaristic video imagery recorded by local videographers Sofia Sandoval and Emily Newman, various found footage and digital drawings. The film conjures up the psychological landscape of the city troubled with social and economic tensions, haunted by memories of its past and the dreams of the possible and impossible futures.

Life and dreams in the Burgh, still images, 2016

Life and dreams in the Burgh (excerpt), HD video, animation, 2016

Life and dreams in the Burgh, HD video, animation, total running time 47:31 min., 2016